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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Surprisingly good day

This hollow specimen on a trail near the west edge of the Robious Landing park is the only one of its kind that I've seen. Today, after a bout of, shall we say, illness born of a dinner of Buffalo-style chicken last night at a sports bar, I wasn't expecting to go far, but surprised myself with how good I felt.

Swi and I both laughed at the idea of a guy using a leaf blower in the park over the weekend. Just two days later they're ankle deep in many places and falling fast. I can see how the trails might be a little treacherous (i.e. slippery) if it rains. Now, though, they're great, as long as you watch your footing.

Today I explored a single-track path that headed west near the park's southern edge. I ran into a woman with her dog there, and when I asked she obligingly pointed out the two spots were I could take a small trail north toward the river. One of the paths she pointed out followed this creek and came close to park's western boundary. Eventually it reached the river.

I went back the way I'd come, and did the small-ish trail three times.

Beautiful day, in the mid-40s and sunny. By my time, I'm sure I exceeded 3 miles today, but I'll be conservative about how slow I run these days.

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