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Monday, December 12, 2016

Another crummy day in Tuscany

The tall man says 'ciao" from the Val di Pesa, where I ran for more than an hour today. Happy to report I drove there and back again myself, and I plan to do the same with a supermarket tomorrow (after running).

I ran the same route as previously, but I went a bit farther to the east before choosing a turnaround spot.

The day was spectacular, again, probably 55-60 and sunny/calm. In fact when I got home, I lay on a lounge chair near the pool and in the sunshine for about 45 minutes, wearing shorts and the shirt in which I ran.

This is a University of Florence ag experiment station that sits southeast of Carlo's house. It's a large complex and apparently controls a fair amount of the land in this vicinity. It works with olives, grapes and grains, I'm told.

Today I met two other runners, a woman who was friendly (acknnowledged a "giorno" and a wave with a "giorno" and a smile; and a man who avoided eye contact despite my most charming approach. Oh well.

A new week, so...

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