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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Busy week

No more runs this past week, partly because of sore knees and partly just so busy. This is Carlo's dad settling the bill for our weekly luncheon, this time at Trattoria Tullio in Montebeni, in the hills northeast of Florence. Notice the meats, wines, etc. It was an extraordinary meal on a beautiful day. That's Carlo looking at a newspaper at left.

Notice the chunks of 2-inch-thick T-bone at left! Carlo and I split the "bistecca" and it was as good as any I've ever had. Miro asked me how it compared to Montana or Nebraska steaks, and all I could say was that at a certain point steak does not get any better.

Here's Miro with his lambchop. Notice the bottle of fresh olive oil in the foreground. If you've never had good, fresh olive oil, it's almost a separate vegetable itself. They put it on everything, especially bread but also on meat, in soup, etc.

Finally, this is Carlo's house from below in the olive grove. I walked there Friday for thinking and air.

No new mileage. I started working in earnest Monday and probably averaged 5 hours a day at the computer. Feeling good about the project.
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