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Tuesday, December 06, 2016

First run in Italy

After a weekend of decompressing (jet lag and yesterday's disappointing election here in Italy... more on that in a moment), I took to the Val d'Pesa trail today, which runs along the Pesa River (Carlo calls it a river; I'd call it a nice-size creek) from the local vvillage of Cerbaia, which will be something like my home for the next few months.

As you'll see in the pictures, it's a spectacular day. Even the earth (fresh-turned in some fields) smells different here, and the aroma of herbs permeates all. I did an out-and-back, and was greeted on the way back by an older (my age?) gentleman in a uniform. He spoke no English, but managed to convey to me to keep on my toes because there are hunters (pheasant? boar?) hereabouts. He was very kind, and we shook hands before I trotted on with a "...giorno!"

I saw some decoratively in Richmond, but this probably is the first time I noticed bamboo growing along my running path.

Here's the river. It is nice and clear. I wonder if it contains trout? I should have asked the game warden (were my Italian sufficient).

From more or less the same spot, this is the view up toward Carlo's house (north) from the river. I heard pheasants and saw, of all things, a magpie. I have several of those in my yard in Montana.

While I shuffled along the trail, Carlo got a haircut, bought some crusty Tuscan bread and the newspapers. I had the bread and some fresh (truly) olive oil in the warm sun on his back porch. I sat next to the pool for a while, but had to watch it (sun burn!). What a day!

3; 3; 3; 192.5

(To anyone mystified by the numbers at the end of these posts: they are mileage, by day; week; month; and year. This was the first run of the week and the month; thus all the 3s.)
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