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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Foggy morning

This was the view down into the Val di Pesa which was shrouded in fog as I left the house. However, I was assigned to do a little shopping when in the village today (milk and newspapers) and most of the fog had burned off by the time I got on the trail.

It was uneventful, though I did hear a couple of nearby gunshots as I headed out. They seemed to be in a different direction than I was going, and I didn't run into any trouble. A couple of walkers, one with a dog. All were friendly.

Another beautiful day. I had only 35 minutes left in my book when I got back, so I lay down poolside and finished it up in the sun. Lovely. What's next?

As I look at this, it occurs to me after all these years that often one tall man looks pretty much like another. This one truly was shot today! I'll try to find unique backdrops for them in the future.

3.5; 10; 13; 202.5
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