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Friday, December 16, 2016

Inching farther ...

Carlo assures me that this weather is nigh on unprecedented, but usual or not I'm not complaining. I've been running daily in shorts and a long-sleeved wicking T-shirt, and I've been relaxing afterward on a chaise next to the pool, catching a few rays on my noggin.

My route today was the same as it has been, but in the allotted time (25 minutes out) I'm getting farther and farther up the trail. I'm not pushing it, but I could sense that what I was doing today was more like running than my usual shuffling. This is my newest turnaround point; a few more days of similar expansion and I'll feel secure in calling this a four-mile run.

I finally figured out exactly where Carlo's house sits in relation to the trail, which starts a mile or so down the hill from his house, in the village of Cerbaia. I was aware that the route takes me well past the house, but I couldn't figure it out with much specificity. If you look carefully at the horizon just left of center, you can see a bell tower. It's next to a small, old church, which is next door to Carlo's house. Now if you follow along the horizon to the right from the bell tower, you'll see a matched pair of cyprus trees. They flank the gate to the house, which is just a little to the right of the trees from this perspective. Not visible from there, I think.

This may be the most prominent "landmark" on this route, a little ring of stones. No significance; doesn't even look as if anyone camps here. I've seen older gentlemen sitting on these or other, similar stones scattered along the route, just catching breath or resting.

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