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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Skipped a couple

The social whirl — lunch with Algimiro and other holiday-ish engagements — kept me off the trail this weekend, but not away from food. This is a terrine of duck ... it had foie gras in the name, but was not paté. The little bowl is mango chutney. Caffé Desiderio.

We also did some shopping (well I tagged along), including at this place that sells Freitag gear, which is bags, packs, etc., made out of recycled pieces of the sides of semitrailers. Very trendy (I'm told) and spendy (I saw for myself). The little backpacks at the bottom (yellow and blue) exceeded 200€!

Fiorentina soccer tonight.

0; 13.5; 16.5; 206
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