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Monday, January 30, 2017

Angoulême art town

I have lots of pictures from this beautiful town, the largest of any size near Elisabeth's house, and it was hard to choose where to begin. Many of the town's buildings have cartoon-ish murals on them, part of the theme of the city. In fact, our last day there was the first of a well-known, annual international festival of comics and graphic arts. Here's this year's poster:

The toons are everywhere.

Even the mannequins in stores got in on the act.

The light wasn't great, but the painting was wonderful.

Here's a selfie with a good mural behind me overlooking the city.

I guess these are characters from a strip called The Daltons.

Can you guess what this big building is by its art? It's the region's archives! Here's a different view:

You'd need to be high in a neighboring building to even see all of this one.

Even the rubber duckies in Angoulême are fanciful.

Not everything cool in Angoulême is a cartoon. Here's a community center that is an amazing blend of old and new.

The city even has a very nice old cathedral.
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