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Sunday, January 01, 2017

Happy New Year! Back on the trail

These stately (but leafless in winter) trees are engulfed in evergreen vines. Odd shapes along the Pesa river near Carlo's house.

I took more than a week off while we went to Belgium for Christmas. It was fun and beautiful, and I could post a bunch of photos here, but I think most of the people (all five of you) who look at this blog have already seen them, either on Fb or via email.

It was a beautiful morning, approaching 50 and sunny when I headed out, but the wind changed and it's colder now.

I went farther than I've gone yet on the trail, to this turnaround spot. This is looking north away from the river.

Italians in the countryside appear to have the same respect for restriction signs as Montanans. This was lying in the dirt along the trail.

A fresh start:

4; 4; 4; 4

Last year's total was 206, which is OK considering that I blew up my knee on April 6 and didn't get out again until some very slow shuffles in Virginia in November.
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