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Monday, January 16, 2017

More from Aulos

So I was looking for something for a wee tot last night and spotted a bottle labeled "Absinthe." I commented on it, because I thought it to be illegal. And in fact the Pastis, Pernod, etc., that I enjoy occasionally (Italian/French anise liqueurs) are supposedly things developed to replace Absinthe.

Jean got animated and showed me how to prepare a glass of absinthe. A small amount is poured through a sugar cube on a special little spoon with holes. Then water is poured through the same cube. It's is very like the aforementioned Pastis, etc., but turns green instead of yellow and has an earthier flavor. I guessed that maybe it has fennel in it instead of anise. A close look at the ingredients revealed that my taste buds are still good! It was rumored to have hallucinogenic qualities and was outlawed in the early 20th century (Hemingway and the rest of the ex-pats in Paris loved the stuff). But, happy to report it's back. They say (on the Interweb) that the suspect component is in such small amounts that it's harmless.

Dinner that evening included "Raclette," which is strong cheese melted in little trays (my empty one is in the foreground) on a special devide, a sort of table-top broiler. It is poured over boiled new potatoes and is delicious. A sort of broiled fondue.

One reason I love France is that paté is everywhere, even in the tiny market in LeCabannes, where Sheryl and I walked yesterday before the snow started flying.

No runs, sadly.
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