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Saturday, January 21, 2017

On to LaRonde via St Emilion

On the way from Aulos to LaRonde, which is close to the city of Angoulême and even closer to St Genise-d'-Hiersac, a small village, lies St Emilion, home of what is probably my favorite wine. Also kind of a nice place (as are most places in France).

Inside the St Emilion cathedral. I did buy a few bottles from the region, and it didn't disappoint.

A happy tall man in St Emilion. It was chilly there and just about everywhere in France (overnight lows in the 20s; highs mostly in the low 40s). The scarf (from Bemidji Minnesota's famous woolen mill) was thrown in as an afterthought, and I wore it constantly for two weeks.

There are chateaus and vineyards everywhere around St Emilion; this was the only sizable one right in town.

Remnants of St Emilion's ancient wall are scattered around the village. This is the most prominent, just off the main road next to the tourism office (which was closed, along with almost everything else on this Saturday).

This is a 12th century church in the tiny village of Signone, closer to our destination.

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