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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Toulouse pictures

This is a bad selfie in a 150-year-old restaurant called Le Bibent, on the Capitolium Square in the heart of old Toulouse. I had a fish dish with potatoes, followed by a pear confection that was incredible. Nice wine, too.

The decor in this old place was incredible. It's "historic" so hasn't been altered in a century or more.

Not sure what to post next ... this is the "reliquary" of St. Thomas Aquinas, where his bones are kept to make pilgrims feel good. This church (and city) is right on the pilgrimage route to Spain, which was a big damn tourist attraction almost a thousand years ago ... Santiago de Compostela. Pretty amazing.

Me and cousin Sheryl in the selfsame cathedral. Cool structure, with Muslim and Byzantium influences. "Medieval" doesn't do justice to it.

Same place, different view.


The basilica with the name St. Sermin ... he was sainted by being dragged to death by a bull down a street near the spot where this thousand-year-old edifice was built.

Side chapel off the cloisters at the cathedral. Amazing, and great acoustics ... I tried a simple major chord (ahh, ahh, ahh) and it sounded almost as good as was demonstrated for me at the Baptistery of Pisa almost 50 years ago. Then we heard nice music resonating elsewhere in the complex, and there was a woman beautifully fiddling with the Ave Maria in a neighboring chapel. We inspired each other! She was embarrassed when we (Sheryl and I) came down to see where the music was originating. Then we all laughed.

Beautiful day, but record-setting cold (thus the muffler, hat, etc.) of the high 20s Fahrenheit. The weather is all over Europe, and you'd think they were being tortured ("Oh my god, it's freezing out!!!").

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1. Not jealous. Not jealous. Not jealous.
2. I'm still trying to get used to you with some hair.
3. I am thoroughly enjoying all of your European adventures.
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