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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Viva la France!

This is the "before" picture at the "King's Cake" fete in the village of Aulos, which also is the site of my cousin Sheryl's mountain home. This is somehow related to the Epiphany, and the custom is observed in other places as well. These nice cakes have in them (some of them) a little ceramic thing that, if your piece of cake contains it, entitles you to wear the king's crown. It's the gifts of the magi, or somesuch.

Anyway, this was at a community hall in Aulos and was attended by about 25 people. In addition to 10 cakes (or so), there were at least a dozen bottles of Champagne or the local champagne-style wine. Fun afternoon.

Here's the libation selection. The one at left is the local one.

This is the little figure that Sheryl "won" in her piece of cake. It resulted in her being among those "crowned" (see next picture).

That's "queen Sheryl" at left; at right is her companion, Jean, who unfortunately is battling bronchitis.

This may be Jean's first selfie. He's a great guy who, unfortunately for me, speaks virtually no English.

Here's how the table full of cakes and wine looked after a couple of hours.

I'm not sure why I think so, but the fellow in the center is the most Gallic-looking person I think I've ever seen outside a Disney cartoon. Turns out he's not well known in the community either, so he was kind of shy and just hanging around.
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