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Thursday, February 02, 2017

And right next door ...

To the large city of Prato is the smaller but still sizable city of Pistoia, which has much to recommend it as well. And like Prato, its residents don't like to be in the shadow of the much larger Florence, which is only about 15-20 miles away.

This place opens onto the main square in Pistoia and is one of half a dozen great-looking vegetable vendors on the square, every day.

The displays make you want vegetables.

One of Pistoia's well-known artists was Luca della Robbia, whose glazed, ceramic appearing bas reliefs distinguished him from contemporaries such as Michaelangelo. This wide set of panels is on the face of a now-abandoned hospital, which has an odd story of its own.

We parked in a half-empty parking lot near the hospital, then trekked through three buildings in well-marked hallways, emerging from these doors on the main square of the town. Nice, especially when it's raining.

The cathedral here, including this massive tower, is extraordinary.

The baptistery and nearby basilica are reminiscent of the duomo in Florence, including the green-striped marble facing.

As we wandered Pistoia, we heard drumming, then trumpets and followed our ears to this, the conclusion of a dress rehearsal for a procession of some kind planned this weekend.

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