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Sunday, February 19, 2017

New route by Pesa

This old beauty was parked at the tavern near the start and finish of today's very nice run. It's a "Moto Guzzi" and Carlo said it's the type that used to be used by caribinieri in Italy (though not red, I think).

It's in the tiny village of Ponterotto which is maybe three or four miles from the house, at the other end of the same trail I've been running on for months. Today, instead of heading westward toward my usual route, we went east from the village toward another village, Calzaiolo. Along the way were several surprises, including one spot where the trail goes over a bridge and continues on the other side of the river.

There was a small dam, or weir, that seemed to serve no particular purpose but to make noise.

And there was, of all things, a baseball diamond.

There was a nice little park where many children played and people were barbecuing. Carlo said afterword that most were refugees (or immigrants of some kind anyway).

The view was different out here, too. Nice vineyard and a sort of castle on top of the hill. Felt good; beautiful day. We had a beer on the patio of the tavern afterward. Sweet.

4.5; 14.5; 14.5; 17.5

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