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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Running in the Tuscan hills with friends

Today we drove to Bagno a Ripoli, the village where Carlo used to live, and ran with his longtime friend Francesco Matteini and Andrea, his neighbor, and Andrea's dog Paredi. This is the best shot I have of the boys ... I was behind them most of the time.

This is near the start at Francesco's house (and before we were joined by Andrea).

It was very much a ramble on the rolling hills southeast of the heart of Firenze.

The circuitous route took us through endless Chianti vineyards.

This is a more-elegant-than-usual shrine at a huge old estate. Carlo said from the 1960s to the '80s, it had been an asylum, but Italy (like Montana) was among the first to deinstitutionalize its mentally challenged or ill residents.

This is the building, now unoccupied. Where's Donald Trump when you need him (to make it into a hotel).

A beautiful part of the route went through the grounds of the place, now a park. This was some kind of excavation. If you look closely you can see rock walls inside the hole.

An old monument on which the column, and whatever it held, has fallen. I couldn't read what the inscription said.

This was toward the end. I had gotten ahead because Francesco and Andrea had stopped to chat with Carlo, who was, after all, on only his third actual run in many years. His stamina impresses me. I warned him he'd better cut down once I leave ... he's gone 5 miles or so twice in the past week!

The boys ahead in a populated part of the route. My excuse for being at the rear frequently was that I was taking pictures.

Another trailing shot of the boys.

It was a beautiful day. We ran 75 minutes, but there were a few stops. Still, I'll say

5; 17; 31.5; 34.5

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