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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Saturday with Miro

From left, Algimiro, Andrea, Marco and Carlo Fusaro — the boys! Probably won't see the younger ones again this trip; Miro and I will have lunch again next Sabato. Wonderful place, L'angolo del Mare, the corner place with seafood. One of the best restaurants in Tuscany, a tiny place, friendly and not far from Algimiro's home. The name is something like the "corner of the sea," and that's because it's on a corner. Probably 7 tables.

In America we had fish sticks; I call these fish balls and they're delicious ... deep fried balls with tiny shrimp in them. Each plate had a dozen or so; I didn't think to photograph it until most were eaten. You can see others had it, too.

Here's Miro and his youngest grandson, Andrea, who lives in Milano and who spent the summer with me a few years ago. He says he might be quitting his job as a financial consultant next fall, so I hope I'll see him again then!

This is Elisabeth and Miro. A great, 3-hour lunch!

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