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Friday, February 03, 2017

Surprises in Prato

An artist named Cai Guo-Qiang created this installation at the Pecci Museum of Contemporary Art in Prato, a large suburb (but don't let a Pratonese here you say that) of Florence. He created 99 replicas of wolves — and surprisingly good ones — and had them running willy nilly in a large pack into the sky, where they hit a glass wall and tumbled to the ground, only to get up and take off again. Here they're tumbling.

Here's the pack from the other end.

Intermediate shots of what is a very weird installation, though not the weirdest at the modern art museum. The artist said it shows how such energy can be misled and misdirected to the harm of the community.

Anyway, the museum curators had integrated a few works by the likes of Warhol and Picasso.

These two panels of sketches were by Pablo Picasso. Not sure they really fit into the "End of the World" theme of the exhibit, but hey, it's Picasso!

And these were among seven Warhol sunsets.

Two or three such examples of what the end times might look like greeted visitors to the Musee Pecci of Contemporary Art in beautiful Prato. The title of the show was, after all, "The End of the World."

Well, actually this is what greets visitors (including Carlo). It's life-size models of Lucy and her fellow Austropithecan. Maybe that's the Other End of the World?

Phones unearthed far into the future!

In this installation, we walked slowly along a tunnel back in time, until near the end it was made of wood and we had to bend down to fit.

We finally came out among the roots of a great tree.

I didn't get the gist of this one, but it was one of the cooler pieces — a large, darkened room with these patterns in lights all over the floor. You could climb a stair on one side for an elevated view. Looked a lot like looking down from the space station at a huge city.

In another, recreation-hall-size room, everything — floor, walls, chairs and hundreds of miscellaneous items stuck to the walls — was bright white.

This one I'm posting the explanation. Maybe if you had a month and some musical talent, you'd smoke it, but it reminded me of my friend John and stuff we used to talk about. He's expressing

Perhaps along the same lines as the music, this is half of one of four similar-size maps that, upon close study, are endlessly fascinating.

This is the outside of this very good museum in Prato. The other side probably was more interesting, but as you can see it was raining fairly hard.

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