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Monday, February 20, 2017

Today Carlo and I ran from a spot a little west of where I usually start along the Pesa ... I think it's pretty much the western terminus of the trail. Anyway, the building down there is a cat house, for feral felines. A woman was there putting out food for them when we looked.

That's Carlo up ahead. This was in the last quarter-mile or so of the run, and Carlo, of course, decided to have a "kick" at the end and run away from me. I don't do kicks any more.

It is/was a beautiful day and we went a little farther than we have ... 100 yards or so past Friday's run, with a start that was a few hundred yards farther, too.

So nice was the day that we had lunch out on the patio about 2 p.m. (after I sat in the lounge chair by the pool for almost an hour).

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