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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Tuscan tour, continued

Carlo and I spent Valentine's Day (coincidence) traveling to the beautiful Medieval city of Arezzo and surroundings. This is the cloister at the convent in Monte San Savino, beautiful and peaceful except, presumably, when the nuns are blasting away on the Foosball table.

The haunting memories of the holocaust go much further back. This is the old synagogue in Monte San Savino, which was vacated when the Jews were kicked out of town in 1599 by a Medici princeling.

The Medici crest is over the door of this palace, not far from the synagogue.

Monte San Savino had plenty of oddities, not least of which was this 14th century church whose principal items of decoration were two old horse-drawn hearses of no particular note, other than they are old (1800s).

The Monte San Savino town hall is an old palace with beautiful gardens below.

This is the view from the same gardens. Three women await a bus below.

Looking back eastward from the lower garden and a small amphitheatre (couldn't tell if it was an old Roman thing — Arezzo and the area were, like Fiesole, old Etruscan settlements as well, going back thousands of years).

A unique 16th century crucifix under glass in the chapel.

Mr. Contucci was, I believe, a founder of the beautiful mountaintop village of Monte San Savino.
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I wish there was a video of the nuns playing foosball!
Blogger Jo Voelker, at 3:34 PM  

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