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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Walk from the house

Instead of running today, Carlo and I walked from his house. It is on top of a large-ish hill, so running would have been more than we wanted to attempt. This is Carlo walking through a lane made of an odd plant called ginestra, namesake of a nearby village. The lane leads to a very old church next door to his house, San Giovanni. Part of it dates back to 1019, which means it has a millennium celebration coming up!

This is the church. Charlotte and I actually looked in on Palm Sunday mass there a few years back.

This is an out-of-control but classic double lane of ancient cypress trees that used to lead straight up to the church.

These are olive trees directly below the house. As you can see, they're in the process of being pruned.

These little daisy-like flowers were everywhere.

Here's a gate in what is obviously a game fence (too high for the little red deer here to jump over). The fenced wood is on a large property below Carlo's and stretching almost down to the Val di Pesa trail where I've been running for months.

This old, tiny (10 by 10 approximately) stone building is of unknown use. It's not close to anything else, and there's a built-up area in the corner that Carlo thought might have been a crude fireplace. I don't know. I thought maybe it was a chicken house, or goat house.

A young couple has a nice garden spot on the hillside between the village of Cerbaia and the old church on the hilltop next to Carlo's. They don't live there, but it has water and a lot of plants already growing (Feb. 21).

Nice day, good aerobic workout coming back up the hill. I'll call it a conservative 2.

2; 7; 21.5; 24.5
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