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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Warmer weather; running again

I went to the trail by the Pesa late this morning and managed three miles with no problem. Needless to say, I go slow — Carlo, walking briskly, was only about three minutes behind me. Anyway, it was so warm (about 60 degrees F) I went back to my poolside cool-down (a nice routine when I started running here back in December). It wasn't my intention, but this shot gives a view of the big scar on my left knee, the one I wrecked last April.

Here's where I turned around. I run it only because it's definitely getting greener here. I guess springtime in Tuscany starts in February!

Here's where I met Carlo, about 4 minutes after I turned around. We "shot" each other with our phones, talked a minute and proceeded. He turned and followed me back, so he probably went a half mile or so less than I.

This is from Settignano yesterday, when Carlo, his dad, Algimiro, and I paid our second visit to Caffe Desiderio, a small place not far from Miro's home. Here Carlo lights into a burger made of half beef and half wild boar, while dad has ravioli with lentils. My entree was two fried eggs on fried mortadella, one of the common dried meats common here. All good, washed down with a sparkling rosé that was a treat.

Well, first run of the year and month, so:

3; 3; 3; 3

Ended 2016 with 206 miles, which I guess is OK considering the severe injury in early April. Only started running again, slowly, in November at Swi's place in Richmond, Va.

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