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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Where we stayed

This is the living room of Elisabeth's French villa, LaRonde. We stayed there about a week. I'll post this at the top of the French posts and urge my three or four readers to scroll far down ... I've tried to post things in more or less chronological order, and the best is not necessarily at the top. Here I'll put other pictures of the house and the neighboring village where we bought our daily bread and croissants.

This is the war memorial in St Genis-d'-Hiersac, unusual because it has been painted.

Here's the little town's boulangerie and its bored-looking proprietor. Typical of his attitude was on about the fourth consecutive morning in there, Carlo had only a 50€ bill and he couldn't break it. We scrounged our pockets and the car's seats and came up 5 cents short of the total needed for three croissant and a loaf of bread. He wouldn't do it, so we shared a croissant that morning. Jerk. On the shelves were the ubiquitous (and probably getting stale) king's cakes, which were being pushed throughout January.

This place cracked me up. We went to it (a good farm-and-ranch-type hardware store, complete with feed, clothes and — here was the surprise — a sizable selection of wine and booze) to get a bow saw for cutting wood. Here Carlo examines cognac on the same sale table as a Stihl chainsaw and other tools. They musst have decided that men do most of the hardware and impulse booze shopping, so why not combine 'em?

Back at the house, the inscription over the back gate says "1788."

Kitchen is, as they say on HGTV, fully updated.

The dining room, complete with a couple of really old shotguns above the fireplace.

The place was filled with interesting and often old artifacts. These were old pop bottles that had marbles built into them to hold in the fizz.

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