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Saturday, March 25, 2017

A little farther in snow

So here's the view upstream at Keep Cool Creek, after which a decent local Scottish ale is named, and it's a little cooler and more snowbound than in previous years' visits.

Here's the view downstream at the same spot (where I turned around), and the poor old bridge looks almost impassable.

Felt pretty good — better than yesterday. The back ache is nearly gone. It was colder today, not temperature-wise (actually 10 degrees warmer at 35), but it was windy and that sucker cut through my sweatshirt and head scarf (should have worn the hat again).

Turning on around at the same spot, here's the snowmobile track I followed up to this point. Funny thing is I ran the same amount of time (20 minutes one way) and got significantly farther today. That means I'm feeling better, yes?

Still calling it 3; 6; 12.5; 46

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