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Friday, March 31, 2017

Back on Baldy in light snow

Snow flying on the snowbank at the far end of today's trot up the Humbug Creek Contour Road. Went 50 yards farther than Wednesday, and got to that point about 4 minutes faster, hard as that was to believe. Running on the snow, as predicted, sucked, so I turned around and went back down. It occurred to me that I could easily extend the run by just heading back up the mountain when I got to the car, so that's what I did.

This busted-off tree is where I turned around on my second lap today. Great plan that should serve me well in the days/weeks to come.

Maybe it was just the flat gray light, but the greenness of Poorman Creek below had never struck me quite this much. Beautiful.

The snow heading up this draw on Baldy Mountain again shows the path of my infamous Disappearing Creek. The mountain disappears into the snow cloud above.

The pattern of rot on this old log has been the subject of earlier pictures by me. I think it's kind of cool.

This is the same dead tree from the uphill end.

And today: 5; 18.5; 35; 68.5


I try to keep some track as time goes by so I can see how I'm doing vs. years gone by. This Sunday April 2 is the anniversary of the horrible fall I took in the mountains nearby, a fall that severed my quad tendon and led to many months of half-assed rehab (not many PT specialists in Lincoln, MT). As a result, my distances are a little piecemeal. Here's the summary:

So far in 2017, including Europe: 68.5
By this time last year (to 3/31, one day before the fall): 147
Post fall distance in '16 in Virginia and Italy in November/December: 54
Total '16 and '17 since the fall: 122.5

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