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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Birthday run succeeds

A selfie from the site of the old peace sign about 2/3 of the way up Waterworks Hill. That's the Missoula valley behind me. This was my 43rd annual birthday run. I was thinking I'd been doing it on the same hill, or neighboring mountains, the whole time, but looking back I see I sometimes (back when I was working) just ran long on the day itself. Still, I've gone up this sucker at least 30 times, most of them on or about my birthday. This was BD 67!

This is looking down the trail (the way I'd come) from the top of Waterworks Hill, which is about 650 feet above the city of Missoula.

Nice day, temp in the 40s and not raining.

This is looking south-southwest across Missoula toward Lolo Peak (in the clouds) from the top of the hill. Exhilarating!

These old car frames (really old — I first saw them up there in the early '70s and they looked old then, part of a fence I had to cross. Nice they're still there.

Here's the trail head... it used to be a closed gate I had to climb over in violation of private-land restrictions. Now it's an easement with a beautiful (and less taxing) trail to the top.

5; 9.5; 26; 59.5
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