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Monday, March 27, 2017

Gray but nice day

This scene, eastward toward Baldy Mountain from the state land again, reminded me of my favorite Russell Chatham painting, which hangs on a prominent wall in my front room. It was a chilly, gray day with snow squalls blowing around in the mountains.

Here's the river, just a ways east from where I shot it yesterday, so more of the river is in view.

These are the logs that have been piled for years at the bottom of the ravine, which is half a mile or so farther than I went yesterday. I proceeded on up the ravine a little farther before turning around. The idea of cutting it shorter than I might have gone is that the little bit of uphill in the past couple of days might sort of condition me for some shortened version of my birthday run tomorrow in Missoula.

4.5; 4.5; 21; 54.5
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