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Thursday, March 16, 2017

March madness begins

I didn't see the animals, but there were plenty of elk tracks out there today. I ran a little early because I wanted to hear Mike McGrath's gardening advice for my buddy Smerconish. McGrath has an NPR show called You Bet Your Garden, and he's great — a huge advocate of raised beds, btw.

Anyway, it rained all night, but wasn't raining when I ran. At the same spot as yesterday, the snow already was better packed and melted, so I was able to go a little farther.

It's a week until my birthday, and the weather looks pretty wet. I may wait to do my annual birthday run in Missoula until the week after the actual day in order to have a clearer path on Waterworks Hill and up the snake.

2.5; 6.5; 6.5; 40
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