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Sunday, March 26, 2017

To the River

That's "River" with a capital "R" because it was my first time back on the state land on the south side of the Blackfoot since my fateful April 2, 2016, crash that wrecked my left knee. This route to the river includes hills that might help prepare me for next week's birthday run. It also is exactly where I parked last April on that awful run. That day, though, for reasons I can't even explain, I went uphill away from the river instead of on the twisting roads that eventually go down to the river.

Beautiful day, just above freezing.

This is some of the high ground along the way where I've seen elk in past runs. Saw tracks today, but no elk.

This is from the same spot as the top picture above, but looking westward, away from the sun.

This is another piece of high ground near where I turned around.

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