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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Toward Baldy

Unspectacular shot at my turnaround spot today on the Humbug Creek Contour Road, which eventually leads up to the saddle below Baldy Mtn and on to Humbug Creek east of Lincoln.

As in years gone by, the way is blocked when you turn eastward on a north-facing part of the route. I've plowed through the snow before, but it's a good half a mile or more of heavy slogging. Not up to it today — I was happy to get to the turnaround spot!

I'm wearing out my selfie-welcome, I fear, but this one shows the course of what Nora and I call "Disappearing Creek." I've photographed it before, but the route of the drainage this time of year is highlighted by the snowbanks. We've gone up it in the past and found antlers up there.

It was a nice day for trotting — calm, mid-30s and overcast. Started raining within an hour of my return.

The first northward vista on this route occurs about a quarter mile short of the snowbank. This is looking across the Lincoln Valley toward the ubiquitous Stonewall Mountain and drainage to its left.

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