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Saturday, April 01, 2017

And again toward Baldy

Here's the ever-present Stonewall Mountain from the snowbank-turnaround of today's run, which was more or less a rerun of yesterday's.

This is where I turned around, exactly the same as yesterday (I could see my tracks in the snowbank). I took altimeter readings at the bottom and the turnaround spot two miles up, and it seemed solid at 332 feet. That means it's more than 500 to the saddle north of Baldy, and Baldy itself is probably upward of 1,600.

This is the small housing area that I describe as the village because it reminds me of the little wooden village that's part of the gateway sculpture at the Blackfeet Pathways place.

Today I did the same as yesterday except that I did my added distance in the middle because I had shed my scarf on the way up, then forgot to pick it up on the way down until I was a ways past it. Anyway, I think today's distance was a tiny bit more than yesterday.

Nice day, in the 40s, which meant it was chilly when the north wind blew. Sunny, though.

5; 23.5; 5; 73.5
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