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Sunday, April 02, 2017

Anniversary of disaster

On this the anniversary of my horrific fall last year in the mountains, I returned to the same parking place but not the same route. I went toward the river and wound up on the high ground across the little valley where I ran the last time I was here (last Monday). I continued on past the logging activity and up the end of the valley and up onto the top, where I've become acquainted with red tail hawks in the past (not today).

Today I ran into a calling sandhill crane, but he blended into the scenery so well that he didn't show up in photos. I saw him clearly, though, and not that far away.

The photo is from up on the south rim of the little valley, but not the farthest extent of my run.

This logging area is new from visits in past years. It's just as you reach the trees before reaching the river.

And here is the river. It was a beautiful day, and I was happy to mark this dark anniversary with a long-ish run. I was superstitiously cautious on slightly muddy downhills, and I stayed on the roads. I think that's my fate from now on, so awful is the memory of the fall last year. I don't think I expected to be able to do what I've done this week again, or at least not so soon.

It was about 20 degrees warmer last year, which is why I was emboldened to go off-road. Interestingly, it has thawed a lot here in the past 10 days, despite not being much out of the 40s in daytime and 20s at night.

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