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Monday, April 03, 2017

Back to Baldy; cold

This was just before my run this morning, the great blue heron in a sunbeam in Spring Creek. The picture was shot out the window here above my computer. In fact a pair of wood ducks just paddled by as I write this. Spring has sprung, methinks.

I ran on the Humbug Contour Road again today, and I suspect that'll be my route at least half the time for some time to come.

Amazingly I went farther today because the big snowbank is melting fairly fast, even though it's only been in the 30s and 40s in the daytime. In fact, it snowed overnight and there was a fair dusting on the ground when I left on the run (8:30-ish). It's gone now as I write (11:20), though it's still only about 33 degrees.

The route took me through the first half of the snowbank to an open overlook with no snow, and that's where this picture was shot. It's looking across the Lincoln valley (and the town). The clearing below is a homestead where a couple of houses and a former sawmill sit. The trees to the right of it is where the Unabomber's shack stood. There's a sizable agricultural area beyond it, mostly grazing, and the farther trees are where the Blackfoot flows and the town stands. The distant clearing is more grazing land north of town. The clearings are why most folks think the town, though heavily treed, is not terribly susceptible to forest fires.

I see elk poop on all my routes, but today I decided to photograph a pile of it (proof?). Felt good, but it was cold today.

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