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Saturday, April 08, 2017

Back to the river again

Stonewall Mountain peaks its snowcapped peak out from above the hills where I was running, near the start of today's run back to the river in fact.

This is the view from the far ridge near where I turn around, looking back on the road through the little valley that I had just run up.

I saw elk today, but not until near the end of the run near my car. The elk, 15 of them, never cease to amaze me at their ability to vanish into the woods.

I went around a little hill expecting to see them and they were gone.

Must have snowed a bit overnight because the trail was covered with these little snow pellets. It was a beautiful, sunny morning, however. Supposed to snow 3-5 inches tonight and tomorrow morning.

This old tree marks a spot in navigating the maze of downed trees near the river, and it had blown down since the last time I was there, which was Thursday!

This pile of logs marks the turnaround spot on the high point on the aforementioned ridge.

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