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Thursday, April 06, 2017

Elk and cranes by the river

A couple of noisy sandhill cranes greeted me at the top of the hill in the vicinity of my turnaround spot today. I shot a video of it, with wonderful audio, but I've never gotten vids to show up on this blog.

It was a beautiful day, gray but not too cold — 40-ish at the outset and warmer by the finish. I skipped yesterday just because I figured out that I had run 12 straight days — I felt fine, but it just seemed like a day off was in order.

Elk were all over the place on today's trot. First saw one silhouetted against the upper horizon west of the trail atop the first hill on this route. Then as I rounded down the hill to a spot where there's a little-used cattle feeder, I saw a herd ahead in the trees. About 20 of them crossed the trail in front of me, then circled back up to join 15 or so more and they all then headed down the hill toward the neighboring land's pastures.

Here they are after turning tail. Their lighter-colored rumps are heading down the hill after the two groups collected.

The trail still has a few slightly muddy spots where snowbanks have only in the past week vanished.

This is the river as I was on the return leg of the trip. Felt great today.

5.5; 16; 27; 95.5
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