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Thursday, April 13, 2017

The boys are back

Pretty sure this is a set of grizzly bear tracks, right on my usual river route. There were lots of elk tracks around, though I saw no elk today. Sandhill cranes were making lots of noise.

These are pretty classic griz tracks, except that the claw marks off the end of the toes weren't visible. I judge that these were no more than three days old. Several clues as to the tracks' source and timing: First I ran there Saturday and they weren't there. Second, the snow/rain that made the trail muddy fell mostly on Sunday. I don't think these tracks were made through snow, but they were old enough that they weren't perfectly crisp with little crumbs of rock and mud around them. I saw a few others on the return trip that showed little gumbo'd holes where the claw marks would be, so I'm pretty sure about what they are. Also, they were very big — almost as long as my feet/tracks.

Anyway, here's a separate set that was about 10 feet from the other ones.

They pyramidal peak at left is the one I photographed by itself on Saturday and, in the blog, mistakenly identified as Stonewall. Stonewall is the one to the right of the pyramid.

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