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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A little farther

Here's a good example of arrowleaf balsamroot with some alpine lupine (purple) right behind it. I repeated yesterday's route but went a little farther, paying heed to the flowers along the way.

This is a look at another balsamroot showing clearly the arrowhead-shaped leaves that give them part of their name.

I'll eventually find better (closer) examples to photograph, but this is Indian paintbrush (red) along with a few shooting stars (purple).

I called this my Christmas tree! If you look closely some wild clematis vines have woven their way into a fir tree.

A better look at some (on the ground) clematis blooms.

And here's the turnaround spot, the wildlife gate about three miles up the Humbug Contour Road, also about 500 feet higher than where I park at the bottom along Stemple Pass Road.

6; 11; 59.5; 192

Almost forgot. I discovered the "mouth" of my Disappearing Creek along the Stemple Pass Road and adjacent to Poorman Creek. It comes out here, hits the side of the road and is diverted northward a bit to what I assume is a well-hidden colvert to cross the road and empty into the larger creek.

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