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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Back to the scene

I went back to the area where I maimed myself last year, but this time I stayed on the road. As you'll see below, it was a beautiful day. This is a particularly vivid Indian paintbrush (I said yesterday or the day before that I'd get a better picture; here it is).

At the "peak," it was 5,011 feet, about 330 feet above the car, and 2-1/2 miles. This meadow takes my breath away every time because it's so wide open with nice scenes in the distance. The next two pictures are from the same spot. The line of trees barely visible just over the near horizon is the wooded area where I fell last year.

The area of forest just before breaking out into the meadow is gorgeous now because they've been logging in it for the past couple of years. It's almost park-like now.

If you look closely at the top of the main tree here, you'll see a raptor. Not sure what variety — I'm gonna guess immature bald. There were a bunch of them around this area, screeching at each other.

More lupine.

These are Oregon grape blossoms.

The Blackfoot River below the Stemple Pass Road bridge is so high it's scouring off the aspen on the island!

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