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Monday, May 15, 2017

Clear air and a grouse

As I trotted along between two and three miles from the Herrin Lake Road (past the riverside but not yet to the turnaround spot), a low, rhythmic sound penetrated the narration of the book I was listening to. At first I thought it was a distant motor, but when I turned off the book I could hear that it was something close. A look into the nearby brush turned up this guy, which I believe is a dusky grouse, a subspecies of blue grouse. I've heard for years about rock grouse, rough grouse and blue grouse in the mountains hereabouts, and I've seen many of them, but none puffed up and strutting like this guy. I made a little video, but it didn't upload. Cool bird.

I went earlier than usual today and was rewarded with a mirror-like Herrin Lake. If you look closely, you can see wisps of fog and a couple of geese.

I ran from the usual spot down to the river, across the ravine (and by the grouse) and up to the west ridge, then back. It was chilly — 30 when I began, and high 30s when I finished — but calm so not uncomfortable.

It was a beautiful morning, as you can see. This is looking north toward Stonewall and related mountains that rise north of Lincoln. The route is a few miles south of Lincoln and on the south bank of the Blackfoot.

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