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Monday, May 22, 2017

No fog today

This wasn't from today's run; I skipped running yesterday to drive to Missoula to have lunch with Nora, and drove by this. I think it's something called Elk Creek and it's not far from the stupidest-named resort I've ever heard, Paws Up. It's about 35 miles northeast of Missoula along Highway 200.

This selfie is from today's run, taken back on the fogless Humbug Contour Road south of Lincoln. I shot it because of the arrowleaf balsamroots in the background. They're blooming in profusion right now, something else I noticed on the drive to Missoula yesterday.

This picture better shows the flowers.

Not sure what this is, biscuitroot maybe, or some other member of the parsley family. In any case it was abundant on today's trot.

There were views on today's run. It was sunny but cool (high 30s when I started; low 40s by the finish).

And contrary to a previous post (maybe the fog pics from a few days ago), the glacier lilies are still blooming in abundance. Also saw (and will photograph in coming days) Indian paintbrush and alpine lupine.

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