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Thursday, May 04, 2017

On to Nebraska

This is a heavy concrete test track on the East Campus of the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. It has been here as long as I can remember — at least 60 years, because we used to come play on this campus when my father's parents lived just a block or so from the campus. It's still a much prettier and more college-like campus than the main campus two or three miles to the west. We used to think of this as on the fringe of the city, extending as it does all the way from 33rd Street to 48th Street. Today 48th is roughly in the center of the city and the campus is wholly contained. Even so it still holds test fields of grasses and crops, garden plots and greenhouses. It's a great place to run, and it's only a mile or so from my sister's house, where I'll be staying for the week.

This is a large animal sciences complex on the campus, fairly new, I think. It sits a few blocks north of what we used to call the "ag campus ice cream store." It used to be a little hole in the wall where a little kid with a nickel from his grandma could get an ice cream cone in one of maybe three flavors — vanilla, chocolate and, if I was lucky, butter brickle. The store now is a large, Baskin-Robbins-like edifice, but still has good, fresh ice cream.

The blogger dashboard just hiccuped, but it seems OK now. This is the aforementioned grandparents' house on 38th Street just off Holdrege. Lots of good memories here.

It was a beautiful morning, though a bit chilly (45-ish). Did a fairly full circumnavigation of the ag campus, though I'll probably explore a bit more tomorrow.

I spent the past few days at a friend's farm in central Nebraska. I didn't run there, but we did take a number of long (3-6 mile) walks.

5.5; 5.5; 5.5; 138
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