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Friday, May 26, 2017

River route

I had planned to go through the gates at the west end of the state property, but there was a greeting party on the other side. Mainly, I wasn't sure about being able to close the gate if I went through.

The critters over there might have jolted me, given the warning that a fellow runner (out on the main road) gave me: "Watch out for the grizzly." He explained that wolves had killed an elk on a nearby hill (one that I've seen elk on many times, and it's right next to the road/trail I always run — in fact, it's near where I photographed grizzly tracks a couple of weeks ago. He said he put a "trail-cam" near the carcass, and with it he documented the wolves at night and a sizable grizzly during the day. I soldiered on, and saw no sign.

It was a beautiful day, calm and in the 40s. Otherwise uneventful.

This tree on the trail wasn't there a few days ago when I ran the same route — undoubtedly the gale-force winds we had around here Wednesday.

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