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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

To Wyuka

Today I did a wandering trot through and in Wyuka Cemetery, the grave-filled Central Park of Lincoln, Nebraska. It's a fascinating place and very pleasant for trotting.

As with a picture below this one illustrates a relatively new trend of having photos etched on gravestones, as well as the thing that seemed to have started in the aftermath of 9/11, putting stuff, shrine-like, all over a grave.

It's cooler today, in the 60s instead of yesterday's 80s up to the 90s.

Not sure what this is other than a large angel statue. There were no markings on it, but there are blank stones adjacent. I'm thinking it's some rich family's future gravesite.

I've put this or similar pictures in this blog before, but it is a striking thing: A holocaust memorial in the large city cemetery of Lincoln.

I've seen these before, but a relatively recent development in the style of grave stones is etching photographs into the stone. Seems most common on the graves of younger people. This one was a young man of 20 or so.

Felt pretty good.

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