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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

After the rains

After almost an inch of rain in the past day and a half — during which I worked inside to clean house, arrange for the weekend rummage sale and for the arrival of niece Hannah — I went early to the Humbug Contour Road and had a pleasant trot to the usual 5-mile turnaround. The flowers up there still are spectacular, here mostly Indian paintbrush and lupine.

It's chilly out (40), and the road is wet (see bottom picture) but not muddy. The air is, of course, crystal clear and aromatic.

The view is good from up there, and the clouds (probably more like fog) surround the peaks on the north side of the Blackfoot Valley.

The road suffered some erosion and the puddles were bigger than usual. Felt good; will try the same tomorrow.

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