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Friday, June 09, 2017

Back to the meadow, with lupines

After more than a week off — including lots of mowing and an uncomfortable pair of scope jobs in Great Falls — I got back out to the big meadow today, and it was beautiful. This is looking west across the flowers from near the turnaround spot.

I wish there were a way to convey the smell that was thick in this part of the woods, where the lupine were thick. Unbelievably sweet.

There were even white alpine lupine, which I'm not sure I've seen — or at least noticed — before.

I threw in this view across toward Stonewall to show how much of the snow has come off since a little more than a week ago — you can just scroll down to posts from last week to see what it looked like then.

Saw quite a bit of this large white clover, too, and it's possible that's where the strong scents were originating. I remember the small white clover in the lawns of Nebraska in my youth and they smelled really good. I'll try to check next time I pass some.

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