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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Farther on the Contour Road

I never tire of the views along the Humbug Contour Road route. This is the best viewpoint for looking over the Lincoln Valley, and that is, among other things, Stonewall in the distance. I ran early again today, but also long — 8 miles, in fact. Beautiful morning (mid-50s); no critters.

This is wild salsify, and I hadn't noticed in the the previous days, but that may be because other things were more spectacular. These tend to be loners.

Turnaround spot at the last switchback before the saddle. I may bet there later this week, and I'll try to remember to shoot an elevation up there.

The road back down, just a little way below the turnaround spot. That's the flank of Baldy ahead, and the road goes to the left side of it over a saddle.

The high point in the distance (almost straight west from the turnaround spot) is Dalton Mountain, which was the first mountain Nora and I ever climbed, more than 20 years ago.

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