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Friday, June 30, 2017

Farther on the Humbug

Not positive, but I think this is Canadian violet. It's bloomed rather suddenly in one spot just a little way up the Humbug Contour Road. Nice morning — foggy in town but burned off by the time I got to my usual vista point.

This is the aforementioned vista point and you can see a few wisps of the dissipating fog against the mountains in the distance.

This is looking back at Baldy from my turnaround spot. The road actually passes over a saddle to the left of the main mountain.

Just turned around and shot the other way (on up the switchback) at the turnaround spot.

A single wild rose along the trail was nevertheless aromatic enough to make that area smell good.

A single spear of fireweed grows right next to the above rose.

Down on the Stemple Pass Road below, this specimen of sticky geranium grows right next to a large wild rose bush (below). There are geraniums above, too, but they were comparatively inaccessible.

This is typical of the roadside rose bushes that make the whole area redolent right now.

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