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Sunday, June 18, 2017

More rain; long run

A very gray day, with a light, misty rain. I followed the woman I've met up there before — we arrived at the trailhead simultaneously — and as before, she left me in the dust. I think she did have a good effect on my effort, however, in that I got to the 3.5-mile turnaround spot (pictured) faster than in runs before my knee injury. It was a pleasant day for a run, but I never saw her again (her car was still at the trailhead when I got back, of course. This shot shows a little trail that cuts off a mile-long switchback to the saddle next to Baldy Mountain.

The flowers up on the Humbug Contour Road continue to dazzle. The balsamroots are wilting a bit, but the Indian paintbrush and lupine seem to be gaining in profusion.

This is looking on up the aforementioned switchback road from where I turned around. My mystery running companion was long out of sight up there.

Temp was about 50 when I took off, but I think it went down a bit when the mists and breeze picked up on the way down.

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