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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

To the river

Went a little shorter (5) today, thinking I'll try Mount Helena tomorrow when I go to the Queen City for some groceries. I think I'll make it, but I'll certainly be huffing and puffing.

Beautiful day — 60s and very breezy, despite it being fairly early (started about 8:30).

This is looking toward the river (in the trees) from my turnaround spot at the west end of the state land. The gate was open this time and the cattle were over in the larger pastures (they were right where I was standing for this last time I was here).

And here are the cattle, shot from the same spot as the above but looking west.

These cool plants are called "owl clover," and I've seen a few of them in the past week — but not this thick of a patch.

This isn't a good example of bushy cinquefoil, mostly because it's in the shade. It is, however, the example I photographed today.

And here's one of my favorites, wild chamomile. It's also known as pineapple weed because if you pinch one of the buds, it smells exactly like a pineapple. I think if I find a good patch of it I'll dig some up and try planting it in my yard.

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