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Monday, July 03, 2017

All the way to the saddle

Invigorated by a beautiful day and the newly opened gate at the top (I met a Forest Service pickup as I was headed down a few days ago and wondered if perhaps he was opening the gate for the summer. I think my surmise was correct.) I went all the way up to the saddle on the north flank of Baldy Mountain. I shot the elevation up there (5,478) and at the bottom (4,816) which means today's trot went up 662 feet, in a little more than four miles. Felt good nonetheless. I also went up 20 degrees on the run (54 to 74).

From the turnaround spot on the saddle, this is looking south on up the flank of Baldy. I've climbed it before, but I don't think I've done it when running from the bottom (drove up to the upper gate, which would cut six miles and several hundred feet off the route).

This is looking east on the saddle (the contour road goes a long way in that direction).

And this is looking west, from whence I'd come. I picked a few more violets and a handful of wild chamomile to try transplanting at home. We'll see.

This is a mystery flower that, despite several tries, I couldn't get into focus. One in the background is a little sharper. I'll try again next time if they're still around.

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